If you’ve been tasked with finding a great team building activity look no further!  You can trust our talented team will design and execute a fun, engaging, and dynamic experience for you. 

All team building activities are conducted in our facility and can be tailored to your company’s and staffs needs.  Using both our gym space to get the day started on the right foot with fun and engaging activities, and our yoga room, to end the day with quiet reflection, and few moments of calm, we will provide a memorable experience, helping to bring your employees together, and working more effectively toward their common goal.  

We are here to help, for groups between 10-30 people. Rest assured:

  • We will work with YOUR deadlines, and you can be assured of quick response times in planning your event.
  • We will work with you on your groups specific needs and plan a day around your goals.
  • We will work with you to fit in your budget.

Let Us Know How No Risk Can Help Your Company Create An Empowering Corporate Team Building Experience! 

    Why NORISC?

    We are performance coaches! Performance can happen in the gym, on the field of play, or in the office. Coaching, whether sports or business, requires engagement and understanding between both parties of their common goal.  A coach is not successful without his players, and players are not as successful, without a team, or without an understanding coach.  Whether on the field of play, or in the board room, successful coaches help manage their teams so that individuals take ownership of their piece of the overall success and give them the tools, to help them improve. An effective coach makes observations, gives tough advice and feedback and, when needed, even gives a firm kick in the pants. By applying our coaching model to corporate teams, we can help reshape and start the process to build a champion!

    Check out the Sample Agendas for what your day might look like!