Our Favorite Snacks

Let’s face it. Sometimes breakfast didn’t do it for us, and lunch is not going to hold us over to dinner, and the craving for a snack happens. Stuck at work, and the vending machine in the workplace may not always have the best options for us to maintain our healthy eating.

Here are our favorite go to snacks. Most of these are protein packed, nutrient dense, and minimally processed, and listed in no particular order!

  1. Mozzarella String Cheese Sticks. Depending on the brand these contain 6-8 grams of protein, are easy to pack and carry, and eat making them a great afternoon snack.
  2. Hummus and Carrots. Whether pack your own, or purchase the snack packs, hummus is high in protein (7-8 grams per serving), low glycemic, and chock full of nutrients. Just check the label and buy one made with olive oil versus soybean oil. Can substitute carrots for any dipping vegetable, a favorite is sliced peppers
  3. Guacamole and Tortilla Chips. Another of those pack your own or purchase pre-packaged snack packs. If packing your own substitute the corn chips for sliced peppers or another veggie stick, however, a few tortilla chips, which are minimally processed, on the spectrum of snack possibilities are closer to the better than worse end.
  4. Siggi’s Yogurt. Siggi’s has several variety yogurt cups. Why we like them is that the flavored types are minimally sweetened compared to other yogurt brands. The Skyr Yogurt has ~15-17 grams of protein per cup, and are all non-fat or low fat, and the whole milk yogurts have ~12 grams of protein, low sugar, and less than 5 grams of fat. Cannot beat the taste for the nutrition!
  5. Beef or Turkey Jerky. Low Fat, High Protein. A great snack. More expensive than others so maybe not practical for every day, but a good one to have on hand.
  6. Whey Protein Shake- 1 Scoop and 8 oz water or unsweetened almond or oat milk, makes for a quick and protein packed liquid snack with 25-30 grams of protein. We prefer Ascent due to the high quality of their products, and that it is sweetened with Stevia versus an artificial sweetener. If you are Vegan/Vegetarian, an optimal protein type would be Pea Protein, and we prefer Now Brands, as the quality is there, along with the Stevia sweetener. (As an aside, most vegan protein sources taste better with chocolate flavoring. Also, we prefer to stay away from Soy Protein, and stick with Pea)

Bars are also a good snack, however, depending on the bar, these tend to be more processed, and higher sugar for a snack. Here are some of our favorites.

  1. RX Bars. We like them because of the minimal ingredients in them, however, if you are watching calories, or sedentary most of day, this may not be the best bar for you. A full bar has around 210 calories, 12 grams of protein, 9-10 grams fat and 12-16 grams sugar. Another option is to have half of an RX bar, or one of the kids sizes to have this delicious and nutritious bar, but not get the wallop of calories
  2. Oatmega Bars. While these are more processed then we typically would like, they are a tasty, low sugar, higher protein, high fiber bar. Each bar is around 200 calories

The following snacks you would have to make on your own, and do not have the option to buy prepackaged unfortunately, but these are great snack options!

  1. Casein Protein. Our go to is always Ascent Protein. High Quality, minimal ingredients, and sweetened with Stevia, you won’t find a higher value protein for the money, hence why it is the only protein product we endorse. We take one scoop of vanilla casein, and mix with 5 oz of unsweetened vanilla almond milk, or one scoop of chocolate or chocolate peanut butter casein and mix with 5 oz of unsweetened chocolate almond milk, refrigerate for 10 minutes than indulge in a delicious pudding that is high protein and low sugar.
  2. Ants on a log. Take celery stalks, fill with peanut butter, and add a few raisins for good measure and you have a tasty, and nutritious snack.
  3. 3 ingredient protein pancakes. Once again, Ascent protein casein in this minimal ingredient protein filled snack (or breakfast) which is delicious! You can make these ahead of time and pack them as snacks for the week! Recipe found here!

These are our favorites. If you have some favorites which you think we would enjoy or should include let us know! If you have questions or want to set up a nutrition consultation, or have us work with you on developing a healthier workplace/work space, let us know! We would be happy to help!

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