How You Can Promote a Healthier Workplace Environment In Just ONE Easy Step

We are two months into the New Year, and by now, 80% of those New Year Resolutions have fallen to the wayside.  You are trying hard to maintain your resolution to make 2020 the healthiest year yet, however, the 40 hours a week you spend at work, makes the ability to maintain your health difficult.  

Most Americans spend 30-40% of their wakeful hours at work.  Does your work environment help or hurt your progression towards your health goals?  From some of the local corporate offices I have been in, as well as several schools, I would say it HURTS!  There have been too many offices I have walked into where each desk has a bowl of candy, or the common place has boxes of baked goods. If the office of the Wellness Manager has donuts and cinnamon buns, there is an issue with the wellness of the company.  Celebrations or rewards of any kind which revolve around cakes, candy, or other sweets and baked goods, sabotage employees attempts to maintain their health. Who is not going to dig in if it’s readily available, and if you don’t, the attention of the indulgers is drawn to you with comments like, “oh you’re being so good, this cake is delicious!”  Why is health conscientiousness all of a sudden the outlier?

What if company culture set the precedent?  What if companies provided, or insisted on healthy snacks be the norm for celebrations?  What if veggie trays, fresh fruit, and homemade protein muffins instead were the indulgences?

The ONE thing you can do to create a healthier work environment is to drive the change by taking action yourself!  Set the example, and then get EVERYONE on board with living a healthier lifestyle. 

How can you do this?  Why not have an in office Nutrition Challenge! There are many challenges you can run which are super easy!  30 days no sugar, or 800 grams of veggies and fruit a day, or something more intensive like the Whole 30 challenge.  This will not only get everyone focused on achieving their individual health goals, but it is also a fantastic team building experience, and in the office you have built in accountability.

If your office has never done something like this, start by talking to your colleagues to gauge interest, then ask a HR manager if the company would get behind having a nutrition challenge.  Whether it be a team of 15 or a team of 100, if needed, No Risk Health can help guide your company, and its employees on becominging the healthiest, most confident version of themselves and improve the overall productivity and health of the entire office!

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