Desk to 5K- budget friendly corporate wellness initiative

With the warmer weather months approaching, the season where many employees will want to get outside and soak up some of the warmer weather to combat months of being stuck inside is upon us.  It also is the perfect time to use the seasons as a way to engage your employees in some corporate sponsored fitness programs, like a Desk to 5K program. The 5K is the most popular running race, and is the perfect first race for those who don’t normally run.  Regardless if you consider yourself a runner, the 5K is a great fitness goal you are trying to improve your physical health as an individual, or if you are trying to enhance the mindset and culture of your company to one geared towards better health and well being.  

Last year, we ran a similar program with a local company (<50 employees), over the course of ten weeks, culminating in the team of runners participating in the downtown 5K.  A group of 9 employees fully participated and completed the race, and at least 70% of the company went at least periodically to the sessions. For many, this was their first 5K ever.  From a HR perspective, it was a way an inexpensive way to improve employees health while also increasing the camaraderie of the staff.  

For the 10 weeks, we sent a running coach to work with the employees weekly.  During these sessions, the participants were coached on running technique and mechanics, a progressive training plan was implemented each week, and additional homework runs and stretches were suggested for the other 6 days of the week.  The training days with the coach were not just going out running for a distance as a group, but included all different sorts of training strategies to get them prepared both mentally and physically. Race day strategies for both pacing and fueling were discussed and fun (as much fun as non runner can have running) was had.  On race day, everyone who started the race, finished the race, and any runners who had run a 5K before, PR’d their run. 

If you are looking for an engaging way to piggyback the warmer weather with a fun, and engaging wellness initiative, let us know and we can set you up with our desk to 5K program.  All we need is a 8-10 week window, and we can get your company and your employees to the finish line! 

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