Creating A Healthier Workplace in 3 Easily Implementable Ways

Health and Wellness should be a community endeavor. Has the health and wellness bug bitten you? Have you started your fitness journey and started to look, feel and perform better? Have others at work started to notice?

Has your passion for your own health and the feeling of well being, made you want to share with those around you? Do you hope you can get friends and co-workers to reach their own individual health and wellness (and possibly fitness) goals and start on the path to feeling better

Fitness and well being actually make everything better. It also makes you a better employee- the results are better teamwork, increased productivity and reduced sick leave, as well as fewer workplace accidents. 

How can you start to change the culture at your workplace? I am sure this is something you may have even given thought to.

Here are 3  ideas for you to help your office co-workers start thinking of making healthy changes:

  1. Sit less and move more and drink more water! If your job involves a lot of sitting, make it a point to get up and move each hour with your coworkers. Set a timer if you have to but if you drink a lot of water your own internal clock of desperately needing a bathroom break can set this for you. Take the long way to and from the bathroom. Start taking the stairs instead of the elevator or do some office mobility/stretching in between phone call. Every hour find some stairs to climb, or do 10 squats by sitting onto your desk chair and standing up. Lunge your way to the bathroom or to the printer and back
  2. Pack and eat a healthy lunch. Many people have a general idea of what they should be eating but like anything else, sometimes people resort to the path of least resistance or need an accountability partner. Having someone to encourage them, or show them how easy it is to eat a healthy lunch, of non processed food comprised of mostly veggies, a palm or two of protein, a cupped hand of starch and a thumb or two of healthy fats. Share meal prep recipes, or even set up a you bring I bring meal prep system where you cook for each other, and share lunches depending on the day. Make eating healthy the norm between you and your coworkers and keeping each other accountable to health and wellness goals. 
  3. Recreate the desktop treats, breakroom and the noon meetings: The break room is where all unhealthy foods not wanted at home end up, or where you will find many unhealthy treats. Many desktops have the candy jar full of mini candy or hershey kisses. Meeting rooms also seem to always have the never-ending chip bowl and cookie platter. Get your team on board by making it the norm to get rid of the desktop candy jar. Instead replace it with ginger chews, Sunflower seeds, Pistachios, or even mandarin oranges. Discourage the practice of bringing unwanted sweets into work and instead have fruits and veggies in the breakroom. and during your office meetings. An even healthier alternative would be to redesign the sit-down meeting to a walking meeting, which makes for more productive and faster meetings while also encouraging activity and less mindless eating in the workplace.  

Health and wellness are things you can easily share with people you work with. In doing so, you are gaining accountability partners that will help you stay on track with your goals, and help you celebrate your accomplishments.  If you need help bringing a healthy mindset and practices to your workplace, we are here to help! Just shoot us an email!

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